WP Rich Snippets (Bundle with all addons)

Add Schema Structured Markup for Better WordPress SEO

  • Current version: 2.25.3
  • Updated on: June 30, 2021
  • Author/Publisher: wprichsnippets.com


WP Rich Snippets


Add semantic / structural markup

Once your content is marked up, your web site will be more meaningful and accessible by search engines, your pages will be indexed and ranked more relevantly to its search queries.


Enhanced search experience

If your pages are marked correctly, search engines may show rich snippets -detailed information- in search results. These snippets intended to help searchers with specific queries.


Gain more web traffic

Rich snippets help web searchers recognize when your site is relevant to their search, and may result in more clicks to your pages.


WooCommerce Reviews

WooCommerce reviews integration, plus advanced user reviews and ratings features added to your e-commerce site by WPRichSnippets

Software Specs

Display software specs via a widget plus a shortcode to display code changelog.

Anonymous User Reviews

Allow anonymous user aggregate reviews on your website by making Name and Email optional.


Display any Box template element anywhere with a simple shortcode. An add-on for WPRichSnippets plugin.


The Customizer add-on allows you to easily change colors of ratings and link buttons via the The WordPress Theme Customizer.

Display Rating

Display star rating by filtering content and excerpts, or use a shortcode inside the loop.


The Locations add-on allows you to add markups for locations and display the location on Google maps.

User Reviews Image

Allow users to upload an image and attache it to their reviews.

Box Shortcode

The Box Shortcode add-on allows you to easily display the Rich Snippets Box anywhere in your posts or pages. Integrate nicely with Divi theme and Toolset Views plugin.


Shortcode to display table of entries based on DataTables jQuery. An add-on for the WPRichSnippets plugin.

Front-End Entry Submit

Allow registered users to submit new products, organizations or restaurants to your website.


Display a call to action after each review page on your WordPress website. An add-on for the Rich Snippets plugin.

Ranking Table

Display sortable table with ranked reviews, an add-on for the WP Rich Snippets plugin.


Display a product comparison table, when reviewing a product compare it to other products, an add-on for the WP Rich Snippets plugin.

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How to Use/Update:

How to install or update themes/plugins/extensions manually:

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