WP Fusion Pro+6 Pro Addons Bundle (SAVE 94%!)

The no-code solution to easily integrate your WordPress website with the services you use every day.

6 Pro Addons included (see below)

  • Current version: 3.38.4
  • Updated on: August 25, 2021
  • Author/Publisher: wpfusion.com


WP Fusion Pro +6 Pro Addons Bundle

6 Pro Addons included:

Abandoned Cart Tracking
Enhanced Ecommerce
Media Tools Addon
Login Redirects Addon
Zapier Addon
Downloads Addon

WP Fusion extends the plugins you use every day with the power of your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Using automations in your connected CRM, you can then create highly targeted engagement campaigns via email, SMS, and other marketing channels.

Connect WordPress to anything.

The no-code solution to easily integrate your WordPress website with the services you use every day.

We’ll let our customers do the talking.

WP Fusion has helped thousands of individuals and business save time and increase revenue via marketing automation.

Connect anything to anything without a developer.

WP Fusion includes support for dozens of WordPress plugins, allowing you to connect your membership site, store, learning management system, and more to your CRM.

Common Use Cases

Control access to content with tags
Track purchases and subscription statuses
Send form submissions to your CRM
Recover abandoned carts

Stop wasting time with repetitive tasks.

WP Fusion applies tags in your CRM based on user activity throughout your site, allowing you to track engagement and perform complex automations.

Common Use Cases

Engage students based on course progress
Track last logins and stale accounts
Email customers based on purchase history
Award badges and achievements using timers and logic

Your customers are always in sync.

WP Fusion’s intuitive field mapping system lets you connect any piece of user data on your site to fields inside your CRM (including custom fields).

Common Use Cases

Collect extended user profile data
Display CRM data within WordPress
Update lifetime values and order numbers
Sync user accounts between sites


Abandoned Cart Tracking

The Abandoned Cart Tracking addon lets you track abandoned carts and capture customer information before checkout is completed.
Abandoned Cart Tracking Overview

Enhanced Ecommerce

The Enhanced Ecommerce addon lets you sync data from supported ecommerce plugins to your CRM as orders, invoices, or deals (in CRMs with sales pipelines).

Media Tools

The Media Tools addon lets you track user engagement with media on your site by applying tags in your CRM— based on starting, completing, and reaching specific timecodes within supported video players.


The Logins addon gives you tools for performing login redirects based on tags, as well as tracking login count and last login date in your CRM, and applying tags based on stale accounts.

Webhooks (Zapier)

The Webhooks addon (or Zapier addon) lets you sync data one-way to third party services based on events in WP Fusion.


The Downloads addon provides a very simple tag-based protection option for images and files uploaded to the WordPress media library.



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How to Use/Update:

How to install or update themes/plugins/extensions manually:

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1. Download the latest .zip file for the Theme/Plugin/Extension  you want to update.

2. Log into your WordPress website.

3. Go to Theme/Plugins > Add New.

4. Click the “Upload Theme/Plugins” button at the top of the page.

5. Select the .zip file with the updated version of the Theme/Plugin/Extension that you downloaded.

6. Click the “Install Now” button. And then “Activate”.

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