Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash

Better LearnDash styles. 100+ customizable options. Improve your LearnDash design today.


Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash

Better LearnDash styles. 100+ customizable options. Improve your LearnDash design today.

 Works beautifully with most themes

 Not compatible with BuddyBoss

Cleaner Styles, Out of the Box

LearnDash CSS that more closely matches your theme.

  • Font sizes returned to theme defaults
  • Larger clickable areas
  • More consistent button styles
  • Improved course content lists for lessons, topics, quizzes & assignments

100+ Options in the Customizer

  • 18 options for the LearnDash Course Grid add-on
  • 10+ options for Course Navigation
  • 10+ options for Focus Mode, including an edge-to-edge content width for using page builders
  • 10+ options for the Login/Registration popup
  • Show/Hide various course features
  • Custom URL for “Edit Profile” link
  • Custom complete color for icons & completion status
  • Striped, animated, rounded & square progress bars
  • Primary & secondary button colors
  • Enable/Disable “Expand/Collapse” features in multiple places
  • Customize borders & background colors on course content lists
  • Show/Hide profile info, avatar, course search, quizzes, assignments & more on the LD Profile
  • Read below for even more features…

Course Grid Design

  • Equal height grid items & no more weird spacing or floating issues
  • Custom borders, shadows & square or rounded corners
  • Hover effects including shadow, lift & enlarge
  • 4 different types of ribbon colors (paid courses, free courses, already enrolled & custom ribbons)
  • Course category dropdown styles, including width, background color, border radius & padding

Course Navigation

  • Show all topics/quizzes (remove expandable arrows)
  • Text, background & hover colors
  • Section background & text colors
  • Customize or remove line separators
  • Focus Mode sidebar background color

Custom Progress Bars

  • Choose your container & bar color
  • Rectangular or rounded corners
  • Adjust the bar height
  • Add stripes or choose a custom color
  • Add a smooth animation on each page load
  • Hide “X/Y steps” and/or “% Complete” language

All Features

❌ Not compatible with BuddyBoss

Course Content Lists

  • Disable “expand/collapse”
  • “Course Content” header background
  • “Course Content” header text color
  • Hide “Course Content” header
  • Add a boxed container
  • Set container background & border styles
  • Rounded or square edges (inherits global border radius)
  • Highlight rows on hover
  • Section background & text colors
  • “Lesson Content” header background & text colors
  • Remove “Lesson Content” header
  • Topic line separator color
  • Indent topics

Course Grid Add-On

  • Equal height columns (automatically applied)
  • Grid Items: Border width, color & radius
  • Grid Items: Box shadow
  • Grid Item Hover Effects: Shadow, lift & enlarge
  • Ribbon background & text colors: Default, enrolled, free & custom ribbons
  • Category Dropdown Selector: Width, background, border radius & padding

Progress Bar

  • Striped or solid color design
  • Container color
  • Bar color
  • Round or square edges
  • Bar height
  • Smooth animation on page load
  • Hide “X/Y steps”
  • Hide “% Complete”

Group Course Lists

  • Disable “expand/collapse”

Course Navigation

  • Auto-expand all topics & quizzes
  • Topic/Quiz indentation
  • Add strikethrough to completed items
  • Text color
  • Hover: text & background color
  • Lesson text, border & background colors
  • Section text & background colors
  • Remove (or customize) topic line separators

Focus Mode

  • Edge-to-edge content width (for page builders)
  • Animate content on page load
  • Content background color
  • Hide page title
  • Hide breadcrumbs
  • Hide bottom buttons
  • Hide “back to course” link
  • Avatar Style: circle or square
  • Header: Custom user display name
  • Header: Hide avatar
  • Header: Hide name
  • Dropdown Menu: Background & text colors
  • Sidebar: Background color
  • Course Heading: Background color
  • Course Heading: Text color


  • Overlay color & opacity
  • Popup modal border width & color
  • Close icon color
  • Login panel background, text & heading colors
  • Register panel background, text & heading colors
  • Login & Register form <input> styles

LearnDash Profile

  • Hide Sections: user info, statistics, your courses
  • Custom URL for “Edit Profile” link
  • Hide “Edit Profile” link
  • Your Courses: Disable “expand/collapse”
  • Disable Search
  • Summary: background & text colors
  • Summary layout: stacked or horizontal
  • Stats layout: stacked or horizontal
  • Square, circular or rounded avatar
  • Custom avatar size
  • Hide avatar
  • Hide each individual statistic
  • Hide quizzes, essays and/or assignments (within the “Your Courses” area)

General Design

  • Global border radius
  • Link & link hover color
  • Correct/Complete color (for icons & completion status)
  • Alerts: Background, text & icon colors
  • Alerts: Small or large size
  • Alerts: Hide icons


  • Choose a global button border radius
  • Primary button color & text
  • Secondary button color & text
  • Hover styles for both primary & secondary buttons


  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Border radius inherits global setting

Course Page

  • Status: Background & text color
  • Status: Border width & color
  • Status: Hide individual columns (status, price & action)
  • Status: Hide column labels
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